I was going to term July the SarahKnowsEyes “fashion month”, as following my round trend blog, I have a couple of other posts up my sleeve that tie-in quite nicely. Admittedly I had intended to post these roughly one per week, but having just started a new job (woo-hoo!) things haven’t quite gone to plan! So I’m just going to try to post them all now… July has only JUST finished after all!

A couple of months ago I was trawling the Opticians of Camden with my friend, as I’d promised we’d find her the perfect pair of glasses. Having tried on every combination of round, square, oval, rectangular frames, we discovered that the more unusual “cat eye” was the perfect shape for her! She particularly fell in love with this pair at General Eyewear:



The retro/vintage vibe has been bubbling away under the surface for the past couple of years, with many loyal fans, and some absolute beauties have been coming through the practice. The cat eye is actually very “in” at the minute. Just the other day, this beautiful pair of frames was left with us to have new lenses put in…

A patient who is well known for her eclectic choice of frames recommended this quirky little wesbite to me - retropeepers.com. Here are a just a few of my favourite picks:






O.M.G. I am in LOVE! I want them ALL!