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A little shameless, blatant self-promotion today, the twelfth and final day of SKE “Twelve day of Christmas” (Geez! Hasn't that gone quick?!). Ex-stock clearance, currently all “on offer”. Here are some of my faves…


Case sets, including case, keyring screwdriver, cloth AND cord – bargain!!


 Beautiful spectacle "necklaces"


Selection of "ready-readers", including these beauties...


Check out all that SpexFactor has to offer here. With 150 positive feedbacks, you can rest assured that I'm a good egg?!


All contributions greatly received ;) A very merry Christmas to you all!


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This “seller” has one of the best collections of novelty specs I have ever seen, including plenty of Christmas themed ones – you have just GOT to check them out!


I’ve chosen my favourite


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The big day is fast approaching, and if the stress of the festive season is starting to take its toll on your peepers, women or man, then try this little Godsend – it’s LUSH!

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